MSHA Special Investigation Management: Handling §105(c) and §110 Investigations [Webinar Recordings]

On Wednesday, May 26th, Nick Scala presented a webinar regarding MSHA Special Investigation Management: Handling §105(c) and §110 Investigations.

CaptureIn any given year MSHA inspections are common and required. Depending on the operation, MSHA will be on-site at least two times per year for a surface mine, and at least four times per year at an underground operation. But what happens when MSHA’s presence on site is more targeted, whether to investigate complaints of discrimination or interference with a miner’s rights under the Mine Act, or to look into the alleged personal culpability of a member of mine management? In these circumstances, the individual managers who typically act as the operator’s representative can be caught off guard and even be the target of the investigations This presentation will explore the framework of these investigation, and strategies for managing the investigation while also protecting the rights and defenses of individuals and the company.

Participants in this webinar learned the following: Continue reading