MSHA’s 2022 in Review and 2023 Forecast (Webinar Recording)

On Tuesday, February 21, 2023, Nicholas W. Scala presented a webinar regarding MSHA’s 2022 in Review and 2023 Forecast.

CaptureWith 2022 behind us, now is the time to take stock of the state of MSHA as the Biden Administration enters its third year. MSHA’s senior political leadership is now in place, and with that, we expect to see MSHA’s true agenda for rulemaking and enforcement take shape and be put into action.

This webinar reviewed the past year’s enforcement trends and initiatives, as well as the regulatory agenda, highlighting the evolution of MSHA, and its priorities for the coming year.

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Announcing Conn Maciel Carey LLP’s 2023 MSHA Webinar Series!

Entering MSHA’s third year under the Biden Administration, the mining industry should expect to see a more active and emboldened agency. The past year saw the completion of MSHA political leadership, and a renewed focus on rulemaking and enforcement. In the year to come, operators can expect to see at least two rules from the agency, specifically regarding MSHA’s long-awaited proposed rule on respirable crystalline silica – or respirable quartz as MSHA sometimes refers – and the final form or the Surface Mobile Equipment rule. In conjunction with the anticipated silica rule, MSHA continues to engage in increasingly aggressive enforcement regarding industrial hygiene at the nation’s mines. The coming year will be active from both an enforcement and rulemaking perspective, meaning it is as important as ever for operators to stay attuned to developments at MSHA.

Conn Maciel Carey’s complimentary 2023 MSHA Webinar Series includes free programs put on by the MSHA-focused attorneys in the firm’s national MSHA Practice Group and is designed to give employers insight into the changes and developments at MSHA during this active period for the agency.

To register for an individual webinar in the series, click on the link in the program description below, or to register for the entire 2023 series, click here to send us an email request so we can get you registered.  If you missed any of our past programs from the MSHA Webinar Series, here is a link to a library of webinar recordings.  If your organization or association would benefit from an exclusive program presented by our team on any of the subjects in this year’s webinar series or any other important MSHA-related topic, please do not hesitate to contact us.


MSHA’s 2022 in Review and 2023 Forecast
Tuesday, February 21st


Mid-Year Update and FMSHRC Significant Cases
Wednesday, July 19th


The Mine Act and MSHA Inspection Powers
Thursday, March 23rd


Managing MSHA Complaint & 105(c) Investigations
Tuesday, September 12th


Preparing for Serious Accident and Fatality Investigations
Tuesday, April 18th


Safety-Related Incident Investigations and Audit Reports
Thursday, October 5th


Where Does MSHA’s Authority Begin and OSHA’s End?
Tuesday, May 16th


Best Practices at Multi-Operator MSHA Sites
Wednesday November 15th 

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[Webinar] Mid-Year MSHA Update and FMSHRC Significant Decision Review

On Thursday, August 19, 2021 at 1 p.m. ET, join Nicholas W. Scala for a webinar regarding a Mid-Year MSHA Update and FMSHRC Significant Decision Review.

The first year in an administration is full of change and depending on the speed with which an MSHA Assistant Secretary is confirmed, by mid-year the agency can begin to take shape for the coming years. Therefore, maybe even more so than other years, it is imperative that we keep tabs on MSHA, and its evolving staff and priorities. This webinar will take a look at what has transpired at MSHA in 2021, including enforcement, new initiatives, and/or rulemaking. Additionally, it will review significant case decisions that have come down from the Federal Mine Safety and Health Review Commission (FMSHRC) and its Administrative Law Judges (ALJs) that will impact the mining industry.

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[Webinar] COVID-19 and MSHA: Best Practices and Compliance Strategies for Mine Operators

On Thursday, March 18th at 1:00 p.m. ET, join Nicholas W. Scala for a webinar regarding COVID-19 and MSHA: Best Practices and Compliance Strategies for Mine Operators.

CaptureCOVID-19 is, has been, and will continue to be part of every workplace in the nation for the foreseeable future. To this point during the pandemic, MSHA has largely taken a back seat in providing guidance to the nation’s mine operators regarding COVID or attempting to enforce new or existing regulations with respect to COVID-19 in mine. The onus was passed onto mine operators to establish and implement best practices for the workforce. Now, as we enter the Biden Administration, mine operators will still shoulder the responsibility for ensuring workplace safety considerations are put into effect for COVID-19, but also, it is likely that MSHA may take a more active roll. This webinar will review lessons learned and best practices for mine operators regarding COVID-19 in the workplace, while also looking to any new or existing regulatory compliance obligation facing mine operators.

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