MSHA Basics: The Mine Act and MSHA Inspection Powers [Webinar Recording]

On Thursday, March 23, 2023, Nicholas W. Scala presented a webinar regarding MSHA Basics: The Mine Act and MSHA Inspection Powers.

The Federal Mine Safety & Health Act of 1977 (“The Mine Act”) created the agency that we know today as MSHA and codified its authority and powers that govern America’s mining industry to date. Unlike the OSH Act, the Mine Act mandated MSHA conduct inspections each year – two per year at active surface operations and four per year at an underground mine. However, required inspections are not the limit of MSHA’s authority to conduct investigations, and are not the limit of the investigations it is required to complete.

This webinar reviewed the Mine Act and MSHA’s authority to conduct inspections at the country’s mine sites, MSHA’s powers beyond regular safety and health inspection, and provided best practices for preparing your operation for MSHA’s inevitable visit.

Participants in this webinar learned the following:

  • The Mine Act and the creation of MSHA and the FMSHRC
  • Review MSHA’s inspection authority and inspections MSHA is required to complete
  • Best practices for preparing your site and team for MSHA’s inspections

We are pleased to share these links to a copy of the slides and a recording of the webinar.

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