Conn Maciel Carey LLP Adds the Former Top Workplace Safety and Employment Attorney for the State of North Carolina

Conn Maciel Carey LLP, a Washington, D.C.-based boutique law firm with a national focus on OSHA/MSHA • Workplace Safety and Labor • Employment, is pleased to announce that Victoria Voight is now with the firm as an Of Counsel attorney in both the firm’s OSHA and Employment law practices.

Over four decades, Ms. Voight served the State of North Carolina in the Attorney General’s Office, ultimately as the Head of the Labor Section for eighteen years. In that role, Ms. Voight supervised all legal services provided to the North Carolina Department of Labor, principally in the areas of occupational safety and health (for North Carolina OSHA), wage and hour, retaliation, and employment discrimination. With that background, Ms. Voight brings to private practice a unique perspective, unparalleled experience, and key relationships with officials in North Carolina state government.

Ms. Voight is based in Raleigh, North Carolina, where she now provides the full range of workplace safety and health regulatory and employment law services for employers in North Carolina and around the country. She advises clients in relation to inspections, investigations and enforcement actions involving the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and State OSH Plans, particularly NCOSHA. She also counsels employers in all aspects of the employer-employee relationship, including wage and hour disputes and claims of employment discrimination and retaliation.

“From the other side of the table, I was always impressed with the attorneys at Conn Maciel Carey when they were advocating for employers in disputes with NCOSHA. They brought credibility, creativity, and a safety-focused approach to every case we had opposite each other, and that was so refreshing and effective for their clients.” said Ms. Voight. She added, “My unique perspective, having overseen all legal services for the North Carolina Department of Labor and NCOSHA, fits perfectly with CMC’s practice philosophy. I understand from the agencies’ perspective the workplace safety and employment law compliance challenges facing employers, so I can help craft the most effective strategies for coming into compliance and addressing alleged non-compliance in a way that helps build bridges with regulators.”

“Always a worthy adversary in her years representing NCOSHA, I cannot express how thrilled we are to have the legendary Victoria Voight join our team,” said Eric J. Conn, Chair of the firm’s national OSHA Practice. Eric adds, “Victoria is so highly respected in all quarters of the State of North Carolina and across the entire public-private spectrum. Having a presence in North Carolina, especially an attorney with such extraordinary experience will be invaluable to our clients throughout the Southeast.”

Aaron Gelb, Head of the firm’s Midwest OSHA Practice said, “Having spent an already-full career with NCDOJ, Victoria brings significant and unique experience to our national OSHA Practice. That she has chosen Conn Maciel Carey from among her many suitors upon her retirement from the State, is also a testament to the respect our OSHA practice has earned among OSHA and the State OSH Plans around the country.”

Here is a link to a press release issued by the Firm about this exciting development.

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