MSHA Recordkeeping Requirements and Document Production – [Webinar Recording]

On November 29, 2017, Nick Scala of Conn Maciel Carey’s national MSHA Practice, presented a webinar regarding MSHA Recordingkeeping Requirements and Document Production.

Recordkeeping snip

Recordkeeping requirements such as workplace exams are well-known and often discussed with MSHA inspectors, however these are far from the only records that MSHA requires operators to maintain. On top of knowing which records to keep, it is equally important that operators are aware of how long the records must be maintained.

Failure to produce a required record will most likely result in a citation for failure to maintain the records, and even if the records were created but not retained long enough operators can expect a citation similar to if the record was not created at all. This webinar will provide with the tools to proficiently produce and provide to MSHA document that must be maintained for both regular inspections and recordkeeping audits under Part 50.

 During this webinar, participants learned about:

  • Which record must be maintained by operators under MSHA;

  • How long records must be retained by the operator; and

  • How to react if MSHA is requesting documents not expressly required to be maintained.

Here is a link to a recording of the webinar with slides and audio. This was the tenth webinar event in the 2017 Conn Maciel Carey MSHA Webinar Series. Plan to join us for the remaining webinar in the 2017 series, send an email to to be registered for the remaining MSHA webinars.


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