MSHA’s Most-Cited Standards and How To Avoid Them – [Webinar Recording]

On May 17, 2017, Nick Scala of Conn Maciel Carey’s national MSHA Practice, presented a webinar regarding MSHA’s Most-Cited Standards and How To Avoid Them.

Most-Cited Standards Snip

MSHA’s published enforcement initiatives and Fatalgrams are an easy place to start when improving mine safety and proactively preparing sites for inspection, especially if you do your research. Reviewing MSHA’s most-cited standards for enforcement trends can offer nuanced insight into the areas MSHA tends to emphasis during enforcement, customized to an operator’s industry sector and/or geography.

Armed with this knowledge, operators can determine trends in citations, specific to operations like their own and proactively prepare and avoid enforcement.

During this webinar, participants learned about:

  • MSHA’s most-cited standards for a variety of industry sectors; and

  • Enforcement tendencies specific to mining subgroups.

Here is a link to a recording of the webinar with slides and audio. This was the fifth webinar event in the 2017 Conn Maciel Carey MSHA Webinar Series. Plan to join us for the remaining webinar in the 2017 series, send an email to to be registered for the remaining MSHA webinars.


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