Breaking News – OSHA Unveils Controversial Final Injury Recordkeeping Data Submission Rule

A great review of OSHA’s new rule for any operators with OSHA regulated facilities.

The OSHA Defense Report

By Eric J. Conn

In a May 11, 2016 press release, the Labor Department announced its latest effort to “nudge” employers to operate safer workplaces by way of issuing OSHA’s controversial final rule for injury and illness recordkeeping electronic data submissionRK Rule FR(aka “Improve Tracking of Workplace Injuries and Illnesses”).  The new rule dramatically revises the responsibilities and impacts of OSHA’s long-standing injury and illness recordkeeping program.

Historically, unless OSHA opened an enforcement inspection at an employer’s workplace or the Bureau of Labor Statistics requested an employer to participate in its annual injury data survey, employers’ OSHA 300 Logs and related forms remained strictly in-house. Employers kept the data and their OSHA logs in their HR or Safety Department office, posted them internally for employees to view for a couple of months, used the data themselves to make decisions about how to reduce risk of injury and illness…

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